About Naruse eel (Naruse's Unagi)

Our mission is for many people to enjoy eel that is effective for health and beauty.
Naruse's Unagi is operated with the aim of delivering happiness
to many people through the consumption of eel.

Affordable price
1.Affordable price

In Japan, eel is considered a luxury ingredient.
At Naruse's Unagi, we source eel from carefully selected eel farms to deliver the most delicious eel of the season.
By incorporating cutting-edge techniques, we have made it possible to offer our products at an affordable price.
We are committed to making eel a part of everyday meals, and we continue to strive towards that goal.

The Power of Eel

Did you know that eel is packed with abundant nutrients?
While eel is often associated with being a stamina food,
it actually contains a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial for both beauty and health.
  • 【健康に役立つ栄養素:ビタミンA、ビタミンB1、ビタミンD、カルシウム、DHA・EPA、不飽和脂肪酸、鉄分】

    健 2.Be healthier

    The reason behind its reputation as a stamina food lies in the fact that eel is abundant in nutrients that contribute to your health. It contains vitamin B1, which aids in fatigue recovery, vitamin A, believed to enhance immune function and prevent colds, calcium for strengthening bones, vitamin D which supports its absorption, DHA to lower cholesterol levels, EPA to reduce triglycerides, and more. Eel, with its rich nutritional profile, can play a significant role in improving your health.

  • 【美容に役立つ栄養素:ビタミンA、コラーゲン、ビタミンB2、ビタミンE】

    美 3.Be prettier

    Eel boasts numerous nutrients that contribute to your beauty! It contains vitamin B2, which aids in cell regeneration, vitamin A that maintains healthy skin metabolism, and vitamin E that helps prevent cellular aging. With these abundant nutrients, eel is an ideal choice for enhancing your beauty.

Indulge in the Delicious Eel Carefully Selected by Naruse's Unagi and let's achieve better health and beauty.